GetuX k1.1 for CM11 Galaxy V

Hello guys...
In this time i would like to share custom kernel for Galaxy V SM-G313HZ (vivalto3gvn) which is using Cyanogenmod 11. So, this kernel is ONLY WORKING ON CM11. This kernel is named GetuX k1.1.

Changelog :

  1. Re-compiled kernel with Sabermod 4.9.x toolchain,
  2. (NEW!) Changed zRAM compressor to LZ4 (faster than LZO)
  3. Triple-zRAMs (more crazy multitasking)
  4. Added new IO scheduler : ROW, FIOPS, SIOPLUS, BFQ, ZEN
  5. Added new governor : INTERACTIVE
  6. (NEW!) Overclock increased to 1,3GHz, 
  7. Disabled zCache, enabled zswap and enable LZ4 zswap compression
  8. LZ4 compression to kernel
  9. zRAM backported from Linux 3.9 (to enable LZ4 compression)
  10. Init.d supported

How to install :
  1. Download
  2. Reboot your phone to recovery mode (TWRP/CWM/Philz)
  3. Install zip
  4. Choose
  5. Wait until the installation is complete
  6. Reboot

Notes :
  • First boot might seem lag
  • To activate init.d type "getuxmagic" (without quotes) in Terminal Emulator

Special Thanks to : Allah SWT
Credits :

  • Cleverior
  • doesntexits
  • Sabermod dev
  • and you..


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