[UPDATE] Nemoid ROM v1.1

screenshot update nemoid rom v1.1 galaxy v sm-g313hz

Hello guys... In this time i wanna share update for Nemoid ROM v1. As we know earlier, Nemoid ROM is custom rom for Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ. So, if you wanna install this update, you should install Nemoid ROM first.

Changelog :
  • With AROMA Installer
  • Fix Google Play Service
  • Fix Google Maps
  • Fix background volume control
  • Fix shortcut camera on lockscreen
  • Add CRT screen off animation (vertical and horizontal)
  • Add volume (up & down), menu and power botton to navigation bar
  • Other improvement and fix bug

How to install :
  1. Download file update and save on Ext SD Card.
  2. Restart your Galaxy V and go to CWM/TWRP.
  3. Install Nemoid_ROM_v1.1.zip
  4. After finished, reboot your phone.

Tricks :
- To enable navigation bar : Open MiXplorer/Root explorer -> /system/build.prop. And then change qemu.hw.mainkeys=1 to qemu.hw.mainkeys=0. Save and restart your phone.
- You can change screen off animation by changing :
persist.sys.screen_off=crt (if you want CRT animation)
persist.sys.screen_off=fade (if you want fade animation)
persist.sys.screen_off=off (if you wanna disable animation) 

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