[GUIDE] How To Fix Portable Wifi Hotspot

screenshot portable wifi hotspot fix

Required files :
  • Framework-res.apk from the rom ported
How to :
  1. Decompile framework-res.apk
  2. Open \res\values\arrays.xml
  3. Search Config_tether_wifi_regexs and change the item with wl0.1
  4. Save and recompile
  5. Sign Framework-res.apk and install
Note :
If there is bootloop after install, sign the whole rom with cygwin.

Thanks to :
- Rhievaldo for clue
- Baca Yang Bener
Tested on Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300

Readme :
  • If tutorial above does not work, then decompile framework-res.apk from base rom / stockrom, open arrays.xml and compare config_tether_wifi_regexs

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