[CWM] Temporary ClockWorkMod Recovery (Pink) for Galaxy Pocket

screenshot of cute pink cwm

Now i want to share Temporary ClockWorkMod with pink as the color of menu. This cwm was built from cyanogen source with little modified here and there. And this is for Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300. But i dont know whether this is also works on Galaxy Pocket Duos GT-S5302 and etc.

Changelog : 
  1. CWM recovery updated to (last final sources of CWM 5)
  2. Added Cleverior.ipul as credits on recovery.
  3. Ensure system and data to be ALWAYS mounted when you install a zip.
  4. Backup and restore working (EXT4 and RFS).
  5. All wipes that you can perform work on EXT4 and RFS too.
  6. LDPI letters for small screen devices.
  7. Changes colors from orange (default) to pink.
  8. Fix menu. (too many "No" when installing zip) 
  9. AROMA File Manager added.

Link : 
  1. Cute-CWM_1.zip (left)
  2. Cute-CWM_2.zip (right)
Thanks to : Allah SWT
Credits :
  • Cleverior.ipul
  • CyanogenMod Team
  • Amarullz

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